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Bente Ørum


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Bente Ørum

Bente Ørum is educated as a psychologist. She has worked as a scientific researcher in educational sociology, as a union leader (psychologists) and as head of department in The Danish Ministry of Education.

Bente Ørum's paintings are figurative, often with a hint of surrealism. The paintings deal with people and the challenges and problems they meet.

In most of her paintings feelings are central. Unconscious imaginations are sharpened and put into concrete forms. They stem from her own life but are transformed into a general form. Accordingly, the people, buildings and landscapes in the pictures are not portraying specific persons, buildings or landscapes, but - with a few exceptions - are made up.

It is important for Bente Ørum that the painting inspires and encourages the viewer to wonder what is really going on? The paintings tell a story, but are not unambiguous. Different viewers will read different stories into the paintings and there is no one story that is correct.

Bente Ørum has painted since 2005 and exhibited in Denmark, Italy and Spain. In 2018 she has exhibited at Porsebakken and Art-Nordic in Copenhagen.

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