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Farstrup Furniture was founded in 1910 as a sawmill. The location close to the beautiful Langesø woodlands west of Odense was optimal. At the time the transport of the large wooden logs was done by horse-drawn carriage.

The manufacture of chairs started in 1918 and thus became the basis for the growth that characterized Farstrup Furniture until today. In the 1950s and 60s, the production of chairs really took off and the company has since produced millions of high-quality chairs.


Today Farstrup Furniture attaches great importance to healthy sustainability and nurtures the greatest love and respect for the wood as a raw material. Farstrup Furniture equals Danish craftsmanship and the wood in the factory goes through countless skilled hands; carpenters, upholsterers, seamstresses etc. before customers sit in either their very personal chair or in a chair with personality.


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